Five Ways To Live A More Eco Friendly Life

In a day and age where most people are ignorant of the damage their causing to the mother earth by their actions, we should always strive to raise awareness about how major issues such as global warming and obtaining energy can be tackled through living a lifestyle that is more conscious and grateful for the air we breathe and the space we get to occupy on earth.

Save energy at all times

The depth of the sentence mentioned above might not seem alarming at first but when you take a moment to reflect on our daily usage of energy and the sources the energy comes from known as fossil fuels and its adverse effects on the environment paints a very dark picture in terms of life on earth in the future. The combustion and burning of fossil fuels are known to produce green house gases that affect global warming at an alarming rate so whenever possible, try to limit your usage of energy. Saving water too can be counted as saving energy as hydropower also serves as a source of energy in many countries. However, the main reason to save water and only use necessary amounts of water is to cause less diversion of water from water bodies across the country as the obstruction tends to change the status of the environment underwater thus affecting the lives of the animal residing underwater. One of the most innovative methods to save water is to visit your plastic welding Brisbane or tank fabrication business in town and purchase a rain water tank that can collect rain water and be diverted to be used on activities such as washing clothes and doing the dishes.

Reuse old items

Instead of asking for new plastic bags every time that you go through a weekly grocery store trip, use a bag made of cloth in order to make sure that the plastic that we dispose does not end up on a garbage disposal site where non bio degradable matter accumulate over time. Not just plastic bags, you can even reuse or purchase used items from reliable stores in order to help contribute to decreasing the number of trees cut down for the purposes of the demand that exists for furniture.

Use your public transportation

If you decide to buy yourself a new car and release green house gases into the air, it can become very detrimental to your overall health. So whenever possible try your best to use public transportation or cycle to your destination.